Laboratory Furniture Fabrication

Our in-house manufactured laboratory furniture is ideal for a number of applications, including hospitals, research labs, and schools. We can produce any number of custom pieces to meet your desired size and specifications. We can also paint and coat each piece to match the project’s color requirements.

Components that we fabricate include:


  • Overhead Service Carriers
  • Overhead Grid Assemblies
  • Umbilical Supports
  • X-Ray Supports
  • Reagent Rack Supports
  • Tables that are Fixed, Adjustable, C-Frame-Island
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Cylinder Restraints and Welded Cylinder Racks
  • Island Assemblies (strut or laser-slotted tube available)
  • Top Supports/Pipe Chases
  • Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Stainless Seismic Rods
  • Items can be painted to match selected colors


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